How to Start a Tech Blog and Sell Products?

In our fast-paced world, there are always new technologies to talk and write about. New gadgets are coming out every day. A tech blog is also a great chance to help people with technology by writing guides, tutorials, and tech tips to supplement your product offerings.

Your Tech Blog Starts with Your Site

Knowing how to create a website is the first and most crucial step in starting a tech blog. Selection of a domain is crucial because it will be hard to change anything after you’ve chosen a name for the blog, written content, and created social media accounts. It always pays off to shop around for reseller hosting services, so you find the best offers.

Your domain should be easy to remember and pronounce. It shouldn’t be an exact match domain or have more than four syllables. By exact match, we mean it shouldn’t be something like Search engines don’t look only at keywords in the domain name, but also at your content to find out what your tech blog is about. What is more, such domains can seem spammy to a lot of people.

Choose a Niche

Tech is a very broad field, and there can be too much information to cover. You can choose programming, gadget reviews, news, guides on Mac OS X, etc. depending on what you want to sell. It needs to be specific, not least because there are quite a few bloggers in general tech, including some big names, that you probably don’t stand a chance against.     

There are many advantages to choosing a more specific niche. You can have a laser-sharp focus on the niche and cultivate a reputation as being a specialist in the field. You’ll be capable of answering most of the questions people have about the niche because there won’t be as many as there is in general technology.

Choosing a smaller niche brings a host of auxiliary benefits, such as getting plenty of respect on channels like Reddit. If you become a member of a subcategory for your specific area and promote or post your stuff, people will see you as a specialist and be more willing to read your thoughts. You’ll find a lot of people will be interested in what you have to say!

Moreover, you can compete with big players if you create a blog in a single subject area. Google will perceive your site as one fully devoted to affordable laptops, for example, and you’ll end up on the first page.

Don’t Fear the Unknown

In this article, we tried to give you some useful tips that are easy to implement, so you create your tech blog and start selling products. What will you sell? Laptops, digital cameras, USB sticks? It’s up to you. If you’re seen as an expert on certain products, people will be willing to buy them from you. Your sales prospects and turnover will gradually increase. Know that it will take hard work, and do it. And don’t forget about quality reseller hosting!