A quarter-century after its initial release, Sony is bringing back its first console, the PlayStation Classic to meet the nostalgic demands of the market.

Nintendo recently released a limited number of its original console preloaded with 20 games. Sensing an opportunity, Sony decided to bring out its own classic version to cash in on the nostalgia.

 Sony’s new device is expected to cost about $99 and will come preloaded with the games that started the genre. The new Classic will include titles like Tekken 4, Final Fantasy VII and a few others. They scheduled the launch for 3rd December.

 Apart from the Mini-PlayStation, you will also get two PS1 controllers so you can enjoy multi-playing locally with your friends. And the good news is that the bundle will be available in a majority of places. So you won’t have to clamour in lines or worry about it getting sold out.

The new device is about 45% smaller than the first version, but the controllers retain the familiar look and feel as the original ones. They are even including an HDMI cable to allow you to connect it to a bigger TV screen.

The availability will start with US and Canada and slowly the supply will come to other countries.

 While today’s youngsters may not appreciate these games or the console, the 25-40-year-old who got their first PlayStation 25 years ago will be overjoyed to be able to replay their childhood memories.

Nerds are already preparing to see if they can flash a few more games on to the console to maximise their game plays. But that is all expected because who plays stock only anymore?

If you are were scratching your head about what to get your best friend or brother for Christmas this year, a Play Station Classic could make a great gift.